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Learn more about GRABBERS






Get a GRIP on all your projects
... at half the cost of competitive products!

GRABBERS™ make projects easier by securely holding the project to the work surface without the need for clamps. Non-slip rubber construction on both sides of the GRABBER is what makes them work.

GRABBERS also elevate your work, providing easy access to lower edges.



 GRABBERS Benefits (Used alone):

  • Rout, sand, cut and carve without using clamps

  • Raise up workpieces for easy edge finishing

  • Support projects without leaving marks

  • Assemble projects on a stable, non-slip base

  • Set up quickly for any application

  • Pack includes four GRABBERS
  •  Use GRABBERS with Painter's Pyramids®:

  • Painter's Pyramids engineered to fit snugly over GRABBERS

  • Finish both sides of a project without slipping or sliding

  • Minimal surface contact

  • Capable of locking together to support "hard to hold" items

  • Won't ruin your finish or mar your wood

  • Nest for easy storage

  • Painter's Pyramids available separately in 10-packs or in NEW Combo-Pack that includes 4 Grabbers and 4 Painter's Pyramids

  •  Use GRABBERS with VersaSpin 360:

  • GRABBERS fit snugly onto VersaSpin 360 turntable

  • Elevate and effortlessly rotate your projects to improve results, reduce mess and save time.

  • GRABBERS included with the purchase of VersaSpin 360.

  • Additional GRABBERS can be purchased separately in 4-packs or in the NEW Combo-Pack that includes 4 GRABBERS and 4 Painter's Pyramids.

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